Tuesday, 23 September 2014

We're now ready for your closeup

To cut a long story short, my Nikon camera broke soon after I took the last photo (from the previous post). It's been in the shop getting repaired for about 2 months (!!) but is now back with me in a functional state.

In the interim I finished off the endo skull with some detail work in the recesses (using a fine black pen), some black watercolour paint in the larger crevices, and some brown watercolour paint on the teeth to give them a more realistic stained appearance. After mounting it on the base from the original build (from 10 years ago), I wanted to take a selection of photos to finally enable me to draw a thick line under this project, and mark it as 'done'.

So here are a selection of the resulting photos of the finished thing for you to peruse. Click the images to view the hi-res versions.

Incidentally, if anything in this blog has been of interest to you, feel free to leave a comment in one of the posts. Also, if I've missed anything during the step-by-step process, or you have an questions, feel free to let me know.


  1. Replies
    1. Sorry, I'm not going to be selling it. It's now sitting on my desk at work, staring at everyone.

  2. Awesome stuff and an awesome blog. I'm doing a repaint of an 18 inch Endoskeleton (T2) and I've been referring back to your photos as reference (lost some detail after respraying, had to paint little bits back in).

  3. I've been looking for a resin kit, but this sold me on the vinyl. What an amazing job!

    1. Many thanks. Just remember to fix any distortion by submerging the vinyl in hot water and adjusting it whilst it cools back down.

  4. Hi,
    I would like to have a not expensive T-800 bust.
    Do you think theses 2 items will match?
    I would like to replace the teeth.

    1. Hi David. If you purchase the pre-made bust, and choose to add individual teeth yourself, the theory should be the same as the process I used, so yes, it should be possible. The only problems I can foresee are that you would likely have to dismantle the jaw mechanism and remove the jaw itself (without damaging the bust) and that you may have difficulty matching the chrome colour you paint on top of the filler that you add to insert the teeth into. But this should be a relatively small area around the gum-line, so you may get away with a 'dirty' metal look if needs be.